This is a remake of classic Atari 2600 game River Raid. It tries to capture the essence of original's simple but elegant gameplay while lessening the drawbacks of 8-bit hardware. The visuals reinterpret original minimalist aesthetic in a pseudo-3D manner, keeping a strong semblance to the source.  There are couple additions to the game mechanics; cumulatively exploding fuel pods that allow for some fun destructive tactics, destructible targets on land, and mega explosions of bridge checkpoints that annihilate everything in the perimeter, including trees. In the original Atari game there were no tanks crossing bridges. Some versions on other platforms had them. It's a neat feature so I included it in the remake.

The game runs in html canvas and was written using plain Javascript. So far it was somewhat tested in Edge and Brave. It runs smoothly in Edge while there was some frame dropping in Brave. Please report if you encounter any bugs or performance issues. Thanks!

The game was made from scratch in a week for a destruction-themed olcCodeJam2019.
Difficulty ramping may need some tuning, so your feedback is welcome.
If anybody is interested in source code, it's a single JS file available here 

Code, design & graphics: Nenad Jalšovec
Sound: LittleRobotSoundFactory
Original game author: Carol Shaw

You can play original River Raid in an online Atari 2600 emulator.


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Really nice!

Thank you!

Is it procedurally generated? Looks great, seems like it doesn't end

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Yes, it's fully procedural.  Technically it could go on forever in an endless-runner style. I opted out of this though in order to give a sense of goal to the player. To beat it, one needs to reach and destroy 25th bridge.


really good game

Thanks :)